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Trust Absolute Home Services with your lawn care!

We are a full service landscaping company in Oakville and surrounding area, that can take care of all of your landscape needs from lawn cutting to landscape construction. Our landscapers are passionate, experienced and skilled at lawns, gardens and trees. Our gardener and lawn care supervisor have over 18 years in the landscape industry in lawn care and gardening.
We offer a wide range of landscaping services including:

Spring Clean-Up

Cut back any perennials missed in fall to encourage new growth.
Remove weeds from gardens.
Clean up leaves and debris and leaves and bag to the curb.
Re-edge all gardens.
Cultivate all gardens.


Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil. Its purpose is any or all of the following:

-to conserve moisture
-to improve the fertility and health of the soil
-to reduce weed growth
-to enhance the visual appeal of the area

It is recommend to lay a 3” layer of mulch to achieve these results. It is available in the following colours: Classic Cedar, Shredded Pine, Enhanced Pine, Red-Dyed, Black-Dyed, Brown Dyed.

Fertilize and Weed Control

We recommend 5 visits for a lush, weed free lawn starting in early spring and ending in late fall.

We use Fiesta to kill the weeds in your lawn. Fiesta turf weed killer is a mineral-based herbicide that is perfect for spot treatment of broadleaf weeds in lawns, turf, parks and playgrounds. We recommend applications every 5-6 weeks. But in may vary due to high or low temperatures. It is best to apply during temperatures of 10-29 degrees C.

Weekly Lawn Cutting

We recommend weekly lawn cutting to keep your lawn fresh and healthy for the season. Your cut includes:

-Cut the lawn at 2.5 inches and mulch the clippings
-Trim the edges of all the grass areas
-Blow all walkways and pathways
-The season starts mid April 13th and ends the last week of October

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Gardening

Your gardening includes:

-Pulling weeds from all gardens
-Edging all gardens between beds and grass edges
-Trimming shrubs in all gardens
-The season starts mid April and ends the last week of October

Aerate and Overseed

Aeration reduces thatch, compaction and encourages root development by allowing nutrients, oxygen and water penetration back into the soil. Overseed to thicken lawn with new turf grass developed to withstand insects, heavy traffic, drought and disease.

Fall Clean-Up

Cut back perennials for winterizing.
Pile or bag all leaves and place at the curb for city pick up.
Bag all plant material and leave at the curb for city pick up.

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