Deck Staining

Deck painting and staining has been one of our largest group of projects over the last few weeks. Deck preparation and staining can be very time consuming for homeowners. And if the proper preparation and products are not used, it can lead to constant upkeep. Decks should be sealed with either semi transparent stain, solid stain or porch and floor enamel. I prefer to use a semi transparent stain on decks, it provides a great seal for the wood and it looks really nice. There are 3 stains I recommend:

  1.  Sikkens semi transparent deck stain
  2.  Flood Oil Penetrating stain
  3.  Cabot semi transparent stain
All 3 stains are quite expensive $65/gallon, however, it is definitely worth your money. If a deck is previously coated. I always remove all the stain using the Flood deck stripper, a stiff brush and a power washer. Then I use the deckswood wood cleaner to brighten it up. I always apply 2 coats of semi transparent stain to protect the deck and bring out the colour of the stain. If the deck has not been coated before but has “greyed”. I recommend using the Flood deckswood cleaner to prepare it for adhesion of the stain. The other very important part of ensuring a deck lasts in making sure it is really dry. I wait at least 2-3 days after washing or rain before applying the stain. It depends on the weather conditions whether I wait the 2 or 3 days.

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