Commercial Painting in Mississauga

Painting your commercial space can be hard to schedule. You want to update and clean up your work environment for your employees and clients, but you don't want to disrupt your business operations. At BMP metals, we worked over the shut down period over the holidays to update their offices, lunch rooms, washrooms and some hallways. The metal dust from the manufacturing process makes the walls really dirty. We needed to wash all the surfaces with TSP to ensure proper adhesion of the finish coat. We used a product from PPG Paints called Pittech for all the doors and frames. The painters loved the product and the end result was a durable, self levelling finish. Pitt-tech is a one part epoxy used for commercial spaces. It cleans up with water, but leaves a hard finish. We also used the Pittech to paint the lockers for the the employees. It updated the lockers nicely and left a great finish. BMP collage

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