When To Plant Your Garden With Vegetables

Once you’ve tasted vegetables straight from the garden, you’ll know why people love to grow them! Ontario’s climate allows for spring, summer, and fall crops. We can enjoy a wide variety of vegetables throughout the growing season, which runs from mid-to-late May until the end of October. Garden Planning Growing a garden starts with planning. ...Read More

Spring Yard Clean-Up: Top 11 Things To Do

It’s time for spring cleaning! After a long winter, your yard needs some attention. Lose that dull, post-melt look and be ready for your yard to shine along with the sun! Why Do Spring Yard Maintenance? Consistent yard maintenance helps to preserve the value of your home, improving its appearance and making it more enjoyable ...Read More

When Is The Best Time To Transplant Trees?

We often think of trees as permanent features of the landscape, but sometimes a tree must move. Perhaps it has outgrown its space or would thrive in another area of your property. It’s a challenging project, but knowing when and how to transplant a tree will minimize harm and give your tree its best chance. ...Read More

How to Prep Your Home For An Indoor Painting Job

Painting the inside of your home is a simple way to improve its look. The right colour will complement the décor while making your space look cleaner and more up to date. Before you can even begin applying a coat of paint to your interior walls, you must first prepare the room. Taking the time ...Read More

Can You Paint Kitchen Cabinets That Are Stained?

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in your house. Outdated wooden kitchen cabinets can make your home look old and depreciate its value. Replacing cabinets can be expensive, so many homeowners choose the more cost-effective option of painting them instead. Here is the process for painting the cabinets: 1. Remove all of ...Read More

Top 5 Mistake-Proof Tips to Painting Windows and Trim

Painting windows and trim is a quick and inexpensive way to give your room a fresh, updated look. However, just like any other paint job, if it is not done properly, the poorly done coating will take away from the aesthetics of the room. You could hire a professional to do your window trim painting, ...Read More