How to Prep Your Home For An Indoor Painting Job

Painting the inside of your home is a simple way to improve its look. The right colour will complement the décor while making your space look cleaner and more up to date.

Before you can even begin applying a coat of paint to your interior walls, you must first prepare the room. Taking the time to make your space workable will not only make it easier to work in, but it will save your personal belongings from getting ruined by paint splatters. These tips will help you get the interior ready for the job.

Remove All Furniture

Before you can start painting your room, you need to empty the space by removing all the furniture and clutter first. Leaving your belongings in the room not only increases the risk of injury, but it could also permanently damage your valuables if paint gets on them.

Cover What Cannot Be Removed

Any furniture that cannot be removed should be covered completely so that paint cannot get on it. If you have furnishings that are too big or heavy to take out of the room, move them to the centre of the room, away from the walls, and cover them with plastic or painter’s sheets for protection.

Remove Everything From the Walls

Once the bigger furnishings are out of the way, it’s time to remove everything from the walls. Pictures, wall art, electrical outlet switch plates, light switches, mirrors, drapes and indoor coverings, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, wall-mounted lights, rails, and other accessories must be removed.

Tape Around Areas

Some features cannot be removed like fixtures. Cover and tape around these areas with painter’s tape so that they are not left exposed when you are painting the indoors.

Clean and Prepare Your Walls

Once your working area is clear, it is time to clean and prepare your walls for painting. Fill in small holes and dents with drywall mud and sand it for a smooth finish. Wash the walls to remove unwanted debris from the surface and let dry.

Cover Your Floors

To protect your floor from paint stains, cover it with a drop sheet. Professional painter’s drop sheets provide the best protection for your flooring. The heavy-duty material will not rip or tear and can absorb any spilled paint so that the splatters do not get on your flooring or carpeting.

Indoor painting projects are cost-effective and easy ways to revitalize the look of your house. However, if you do not prepare your space first or apply the paint properly, the poor-quality workmanship will show. To make sure your walls look flawless, you can hire a professional interior painter. The experts will save you both time and money. At Absolute Home Services, our team of professional interior painters is ready to transform your home. If you want to give your home a fresh look, call or contact us today for your free estimate.

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