9 Unique Pool Landscaping Ideas for Summer

9 Unique Pool Landscaping Ideas for Summer

Summer is a great time for many homeowners to enjoy the swimming pool in their backyards. Ideally, the pool landscape should create a relaxing summer atmosphere. By implementing some unique pool landscaping ideas, you can turn a simple swimming pool into a gorgeous aquatic paradise on your property.

When planning your pool area, pay close attention to the space you have, the type of pool you want to construct, and the desired landscaping features. To help you get started, let’s explore nine interesting and unique pool landscaping ideas:

1. Be Innovative with Pool Design

Be Innovative with Pool Design

Since the pool is yours, be innovative with the pool landscaping ideas. Come up with a design that sits well with you. The standard rectangular pool is not the only design around. Nowadays, there are exciting pool designs you can choose from. These include a violin, guitar, tulip, or a circular-shaped pool.

No matter what design you choose, the pool should have a shallow end and a deep end. Having a multi-level pool, each with a different colour scheme, gives the impression of many pools in one. For added effect, you can even convert into an infinity pool to make the area look like it stretches forever.

2. Be Practical with Pool Design

You can be practical with pool landscaping ideas.

On top of being innovative, you should be practical with the landscaping and work with the space that you have. The design of your pool hugely depends on the available space. Make sure the final pool design does not overwhelm your home. Both the design and the size of the pool should blend seamlessly with your home. It should look like an extension of your house.

The size and shape of the pool you should build depends on how much space is in your backyard. In standard homes, you may choose to build a rectangular pool, but still add practical features that suit your needs. For instance, you can install stairs on the side for easy access to the pool. You can also add an elevated border for privacy and give you a feeling of isolation, make your pool feel like a deserted island.

3. Use Decorative Floor Tiles

Decorate the bottom of your pool with tiles featuring your favourite colour. Add underwater lighting and wait for night time to enjoy the view. Install soft lights around the pool to bring out its beauty for that intimate evening setting. To complete a perfect picture, set up a small dining area on one side of the pool.

4. Add Plants and Trees

You can add plants and trees around your pool landscaping.

You can create a tropical atmosphere around your pool by planting palm, acacia, and banana or cypress trees. Make the tree the central focus of your pool, and plant as many as space allows. However, you should avoid having too many plants that end up obscuring the pool. Let there be a good balance between nature and the pool features.

Spice the tropical look with plenty of flowers, featuring different tropical colours such as red, orange and yellow. Make sure the tree does not shed its leaves a lot, since these would interfere with the cleanliness and hygiene of your pool.

5. Build a Wall around the Pool

You can build a wall around the pool landscaping.

You can add to the security and privacy of your pool by constructing a wall around it. The wall can be decorated with a mosaic of tiles designed to depict the kind of pool you are looking for. For instance, it could feature a starfish mosaic extending to the edge of the pool. For a classic look, consider adding a small fountain to your pool area.

6. Fence off the Pool

You can fence off the pool landscaping.

To avoid children accidentally falling into the pool, fence it off. This is a legal requirement aimed at protecting children under five years. Use decorative materials such as iron bars, glass or wood bars. The materials should be appropriately spaced so that children do not squeeze through into the pool.

7. Place Small Beach Pebbles

You can place small beach pebbles around the pool landscaping.

Decorate the edges of the pool with small beach pebbles, which won’t hurt when you step on them. Use rough tiles or beach pebbles to avoid tripping when coming out of the pool. Having a concrete footpath around the pool separated by neatly-trimmed grass adds to its ambiance.

8. Use Rock Formations to Create a Waterfall

You can use rock formations to create a waterfall around the pool landscaping.

Adding rock formations at the side of the pool is one of the more unique pool landscaping ideas. These rock formations can be transformed into a big or small waterfall with lots of plants to give it a hidden jungle look. You can also add little flower and plant ponds (honeysuckle and hibiscus are especially recommended) into the rocks to make it look as natural as possible.

9. Install a Wooden Deck

You can install a wooden deck around the pool landscaping.

For an even more unique look, add a wooden deck and lawn chairs at the poolside. You can also install umbrellas to provide shade, especially during hot sunny days. The deck can be built at one edge with the lawn chairs facing the pool. This can be constructed in such a way that you are able to convert it into a pool bar or lounge, which is very practical during barbeque parties.

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