Spring Yard Clean-Up: Top 11 Things To Do

It’s time for spring cleaning! After a long winter, your yard needs some attention. Lose that dull, post-melt look and be ready for your yard to shine along with the sun!

Why Do Spring Yard Maintenance?

Consistent yard maintenance helps to preserve the value of your home, improving its appearance and making it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors. It also reduces the likelihood of high-cost fixes down the road. If spring yard work is on your long to-do list, why not have our lawn care experts take care of it so that you can relax and enjoy the warmer weather?

Top 11 Spring Yard Maintenance Tasks

1. Clean Up Debris

Rake up leaves, twigs, and other debris as soon as the grass is dry and dispose of them immediately. Rake dead foliage out from under plants, pull out annual plants that weren’t removed in the fall, and don’t forget to remove dog poop before you start raking!

2. Prune Shrubs, Trees, and Plants

Prune dead and damaged branches from shrubs, trees, and woody plants to encourage new growth. For spring-flowering shrubs, delay heavy pruning until they’ve finished blooming. Shape hedges and trim overgrown evergreen branches.

3. Cut Back and Split Perennials

Prune flowering perennials to 4 to 5 inches and ornamental grasses to 2 to 3 inches. Once the soil has thawed, split any perennials that need it. Divide them into smaller clumps to thin out beds and give individual plants more space to grow.

4. Repair Damaged Lawn Areas

Seed bare or dead spots but wait until the forsythia blooms–that’s the perfect time. Hold back on mowing until the new growth reaches 4 inches.

5. Mulch

If mulch is in good shape, rake scattered bits back into place. If it’s not, rake it up and spread a fresh 2- to 3-inch layer of new mulch. In areas where you’ll do spring planting, delay mulching until it’s finished.

6. Prepare Lawn Mower and Tools

Replace your mower’s oil, spark plugs, and air filter, and lubricate moving parts. Have the blades sharpened. Empty out the old gas and refill the tank.

Inspect tools for damage and repair or replace anything that’s broken. Start your power tools to make sure they’re in good working order.

7. Tidy Paths, Walkways, and Patios

Rake gravel and stones back into place and replenish if needed. Refill stone dust or sand between flagstones and straighten any pavers that have been dislodged. Wash patios and pavers to remove stains but be careful not to use high pressure!

8. Touch Up Outdoor Wood Structures

Ensure that your deck and other structures are in good repair. Replace any damaged boards, siding, shutters, or lattice, and check fences for stability. Clean surfaces and touch up paint or stains.

9. Aerate

If your lawn’s soil is dense and compacted, consider spring aeration. This allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass’s roots. Wait until you’ve mowed a few times and the grass is in a strong growth period.

10. Check Faucets, Hoses, and Sprinkler Systems

Check outdoor faucets, sprinklers, hoses, and water features for winter damage. If there are leaks, holes, or cracks, repair or replace as needed.

11. Apply Quick Release Fertilizer

Your lawn is in need of support as it heads into a critical growth period. As soon as the snow has melted and the ground has thawed, apply a quick-release, water-soluble fertilizer to promote growth in the roots and the blades. Nutrients are immediately available from a quick-release product, so you’ll see rapid greening up and healthy growth above and below ground.

Our Team of Lawn Care Experts Can Help!

Transitioning your yard from winter to spring takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it. You’ll enjoy your beautiful outdoor space as the spring progresses into summer. Our team of yard care professionals at Absolute Home Services is your go-to source for readying your yard for spring–without having to do the work yourself!

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