10 Creative Backyard Ideas for Small Yards

10 Creative Backyard Ideas for Small Yards

Are you thinking of enhancing the visual appeal of your backyard? You don’t necessarily need to have acres of land to have a visually appealing backyard. Even with a smaller outdoor space, you can still give your backyard the makeover it deserves. You just need a bit of imagination and creativity with your backyard ideas.

The following are ten creative backyard ideas, which you can use to spruce up your landscaping:

Idea #1: Add bold colours to your backyard

Adding bold colours is one of the creative backyard ideas.

Naturally, a small backyard does not give you a lot of options when it comes to adding pops of visual interest as big backyards do. Using bold colours is an excellent way of making every inch of that space count. You can use the décor to add bold colours or get your inspiration from nature.

Flowers in bloom are a great way of adding a loud colour pop to your backyard or any outdoor space. If you are looking for a pulled-together look, stick to 2 or 3 colours, but make sure the colour scheme is cohesive.

Idea #2: Lay colourful tiles

Laying colourful tiles is one of the creative backyard ideas.

Having colourful, eye-catching tiles can make a huge difference in your backyard. To capitalize on the visual interest, choose tiles with whimsical patterns and bright colours. Also, try coupling them with neutral and timeless furniture. This will ensure your backyard does not overwhelm the eye.

Idea #3: Create a focal point using pathways

Creating a focal point with pathways is one of the creative backyard ideas.

When a person first glances at a space, they tend to scan the entire landscape at once. This is one of the quickest ways of sizing up a space. You can change how people perceive space by giving it a strong focal point using pathways.

Create a path that cuts through the backyard using pavers or stones. This will give people a clear picture of the sense of movement in the area. If you divide your yard into sections for separate uses, a pathway would be a great way to clearly define the boundaries.

Idea #4: Grow a garden

Growing a garden is one of the creative backyard ideas.

You can use your precious backyard space to grow a garden if the climate is favourable. Grow some herbs, produce, and flowers to beautify your yard. One advantage of growing a garden is that it gives you a reason to go outside more often.

Transform all unused spaces in your backyard into gardening opportunities. Incorporating greenery will not take much of your area, but it can make all the difference when it comes to breaking the monotony of your yard, especially if it is made of bricks.

Idea #5: Cheat height by landscaping vertically

Vertical landscaping is one of the creative backyard ideas.

Since you likely won’t be able to add width to your yard, you should go with a vertical approach when landscaping. Vertical landscaping encourages the eye to consider the height when looking at the yard. This makes the backyard feel more spacious. If you want to capitalize on the visual interest, use different varieties of plants with varying heights. You can create your vertical garden by merely stacking up planters gradually.

Idea #6: Add functional furniture

Adding functional furniture is one of the creative backyard ideas.

A great way of giving your backyard a new look is giving it function. You can start by thinking of new ways to implement functional furniture in the backyard. You could decide to have one primary function or break up your yard into different sections for different purposes.

One way you can do this is by placing a large dining table, which transforms your backyard into an excellent area for summer dining. Another great backyard idea would be to build a plush seating area for relaxing, and then create a fire pit to give it a cozy feel.

Idea #7: Hang a hammock

Hanging a hammock is one of the creative backyard ideas.

Whether you have trees or not, you can still hang a hammock. You can take advantage of fresh air even if your backyard is tiny. Just hang a slim hammock, and then add a pop of visual interest by using floor cushions, fun throw pillows, and a jute area rug.

Idea #8: Hang some string lights

Hanging string lights is one of the creative backyard ideas.

It does not require a lot of effort to make your backyard feel magical, regardless of its size. Just hang some string lights, and you are good to go. Rustic wooden furniture layered with sheepskin throws and pillows goes well with string lights.

Idea #9: Make use of gravel

Using gravel is one of the creative backyard ideas.

If your backyard is small, create a practical area you can use, even if this could mean forgoing grass. Gravel has a way of making a space look and feel sleek, edgy and sophisticated. You can also add to the visual interest by building an al fresco dining room on top of the gravel bed.

Idea #10: Keep your backyard ideas simple

Keeping your backyard simple is one of the creative backyard ideas.

When the space available is limited, try keeping your backyard ideas as simple as possible. You want to avoid making your backyard look too cluttered. You can streamline your design by making certain décor items stay on the minimal side. Also, make sure your lawn is well maintained by cutting it regularly and practicing proper plant care.

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