12 Common Mistakes When Hiring a Painter Company in Toronto & Questions to Ask Your Painters



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Are you considering a fresh coat of paint for your Toronto home or business? Hiring a painting company in Toronto might seem straightforward, but it's easy to make mistakes that can lead to costly and frustrating scenarios. To make sure your project goes smoothly, it's important that you avoid these 12 mistakes when hiring painting services in Toronto. Plus, our team at Absolute Home Services has outlined twelve essential questions that you can ask potential painting contractors.

1. Not Checking Client Reviews

Not Checking Client Reviews

Not taking the time to review feedback from previous clients is a mistake when hiring a painting service. These reviews can reveal whether the company consistently delivers a quality job on their projects. If you neglect this crucial step, you risk selecting a painter that doesn't have the best track record and reputation. This could lead to disappointment in the outcome of your own project. Always prioritize checking client reviews to ensure you choose a painting service known for its commitment to delivering a high-quality job.

2. Basing Your Choice on Price Alone

We know that hiring a painting contractor isn't always cheap. Even though making your decision solely based on the lowest price can seem like a way to save money, it's a mistake that often leads to regrets. Instead, consider the value offered by a local contractor. While cost matters, focusing solely on price can sometimes mean sacrificing quality and reliability, which may cost you more in the long run. Strive to find a balance between the affordability and trustworthiness of your chosen local contractor to ensure a successful project outcome.

3. Not Being Clear About the Entire Project's Scope

Failing to provide a clear outline for both the interior painting project and the exterior painting project can lead to confusion and complications. It's essential to precisely communicate your project's scope to the professional painting company, detailing your requirements for both interior and exterior areas. This clarity helps painting contractors understand your expectations and makes certain that your project is completed to your satisfaction. Don't leave room for misunderstandings; clearly define the scope of your project for the best results.

4. Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor

Opting for an unlicensed contractor for your paint project can be a risky decision. It's essential to prioritize the qualifications and credentials of the painting services you're considering. Hiring a licensed professional painting contractor ensures that they meet the necessary standards and regulations. By selecting an unlicensed contractor, you put your paint project at risk of subpar work and potential legal complications. Always prioritize licensed professionals to guarantee the quality and integrity of your project.

5. Not Getting a Written Contract

When undertaking a project, one of the most critical steps to safeguard your interests is securing a comprehensive written agreement. This contract should outline essential details, including:

  • Date of contract: Ensure the contract specifies the date it becomes effective, providing a clear timeline for your project.
  • Party information: Clearly identify all parties involved, including yourself (the client) and the painting contractor. Include names, contact information, and addresses.
  • Services to be provided: Define the scope of the project in detail. Specify the areas to be painted, the types of surfaces, the desired finishes, and any additional services such as prep work or cleanup.
  • Labor: Outline the number of painters or workers who will be on-site, along with their roles and responsibilities.
  • Payment method: Clearly state the agreed-upon payment schedule, including any deposits, milestone payments, and the final payment upon project completion.
  • Dispute resolution: Include a section on how disputes or disagreements will be resolved, whether through mediation, arbitration, or other means.
  • Right to cancel: Outline any conditions under which either party can cancel the contract, along with any associated penalties or reimbursement terms.
  • Signatures: Ensure that both parties sign the contract. This indicates their understanding and agreement with all its terms and conditions.

A well-crafted contract serves as a roadmap for your project; it provides legal protection and ensures that both you and the painting contractor are on the same page throughout the process.

6. Not Requesting Multiple Estimates

Not Requesting Multiple Estimates

One mistake that homeowners should avoid when hiring painting services is failing to seek multiple estimates from painting companies in Toronto. While selecting the lowest-priced option might be tempting, it can often result in subpar outcomes. Get estimates from multiple reputable companies to help you gain valuable insights into pricing variations. This allows you to make an informed decision that balances affordability with quality. This approach is favored by most homeowners and ensures the best value for your project.

7. Lack of Communication

One critical mistake to avoid when dealing with a painting team is a lack of communication. Effective communication is the backbone of a successful painting job. For example, failing to maintain clear and open lines of communication with your painting team can result in misunderstandings and unsatisfactory results. Make sure to establish and maintain a constant flow of communication throughout the paint job so you're happy with the outcome.

8. Making Full Payment Before Job Completion

One important precaution to take when working with a painting contractor is refraining from making full payment before the project is finished. Withholding final payment until you're satisfied with the completed work ensures that you receive the promised quality finish. The contractor will be encouraged to meet your expectations and your investment will be safeguarded.

9. Forgetting About Insurance

Don't forget about insurance! Overlooking insurance is a costly mistake that can lead to unexpected expenses. Make sure to choose a painting company that's fully insured, including comprehensive workman's compensation coverage. These insurance policies provide coverage for accidental damage or injuries that may occur during your project and offer you peace of mind. Before starting your project, always verify that your chosen painting company has adequate insurance policies, specifically workman's compensation, to ensure your protection.

10. Not Checking References

References can go a long way. Failing to review references from other projects can be a costly mistake. These references offer invaluable insights into the contractor's track record and the quality of their work on previous projects. This crucial step ensures that you select a contractor with a well-documented history of consistently delivering excellent results on various projects.

11. Not Asking for Warranty

Not Asking for Warranty

A crucial step that many homeowners overlook when hiring a painting contractor is not asking for a warranty. Leaving this out can have significant consequences, as a warranty provides a safety net for your investment. By requesting a warranty, you ensure that the work done on your project is backed by a guarantee. This demonstrates the contractor's commitment to the quality of their craftsmanship.

12. Not Hiring a Local Paint Contractor

Selecting a professional painting company in Toronto is a smart choice for your project. Hiring an experienced painting contractor in your local area ensures accountability and familiarity with the unique needs of your area. They understand the local climate, materials, and regulations, so they're better equipped to deliver top-notch results for your project. Overall, this can make for a more successful and hassle-free painting experience.

9 Good Questions to Ask Your Painting Contractor

At Absolute Home Services, we understand that embarking on a project for your home or business is a significant decision. To ensure success and avoid potential pitfalls, you'll want to engage in open and informed communication with your painting contractor. We've outlined nine crucial questions that'll help you gather the necessary information and make well-informed decisions during the hiring process. These questions cover key aspects of your project and the contractor's qualifications and ensure that you achieve the best possible results for your painting endeavor.

1.  What Is the Crew and Their Schedule?

Having a better understanding of the painting crew and their work schedule is important for the project's overall success. This information keeps you well-informed and allows you to plan to make sure that your project is on schedule and within budget. The composition of the painting crew and their schedule helps you establish the foundation for a well-coordinated and smoothly executed project, ultimately leading to success.

2.  How Will You Keep My House Clean?

How Will You Keep My House Clean?

Wondering how a professional painting company ensures your house stays clean during a project? It's crucial to know these insights to avoid common mistakes. Understanding their methods and practices will help you make better decisions and keep your home in the best condition throughout the painting process.

3.  Who Do I Contact If I Have a Question or Problem?

In times of questions or concerns, you'll always need a clear point of contact. The supervisor assigned by the painting contractor serves as your primary channel. Clarifying this early on can help keep communication open and facilitate seamless interaction and swift resolution of any issues that may emerge.

4.  How Many Painters Will Be Painting My Home?

Knowing the number of painters assigned to your home is crucial. This information allows you to assess project timelines and overall efficiency accurately. It serves as a vital detail to discuss with your painting contractor and ensures that your project aligns with your expectations and adheres to the planned schedule. This clarity will lead to a smoother and more satisfactory project outcome.

5.  Is There Anything I Need to Do Before You Arrive?

Effective preparation is essential for a smooth painting project. Ask your painting contractor about any necessary steps you should take before they arrive. This proactive approach ensures that everything is ready and starts the project on the best possible foot. Proper preparation contributes to an efficient and successful outcome for your painting project.

6. How Long Have You Been in Business?

When asking prospective professional painters about their years in business, you're evaluating both their longevity and ability to deliver quality results. It's a window into their expertise and reliability, both of which are key to your project's success. Understanding their experience is key to entrusting your project to capable hands.

7. Are Your Workers Employees or Subcontractors?

To steer clear of mistakes, it's crucial to clarify whether the workers are employees or subcontractors. Understanding their employment status helps you ensure accountability and transparency within the painting project. This distinction is essential to make informed decisions and manage your project effectively.

8. Do You Have a Portfolio?

Do You Have a Portfolio?

To avoid common mistakes, ask about the worker status of the painting crew. Determine whether they're employees or subcontractors of the contractor you hire. It may seem like a small detail, but it can help ensure transparency and accountability in your project. You'll be able to make an informed decision about the workforce that will handle your painting needs.

9. Have You or Your Employees Had Criminal Checks?

Of course, safety is a priority in any project. To create a secure environment, it's essential to ask whether the contractor and their employees have undergone thorough criminal background checks. This is a proactive step that bolsters security and instills a sense of confidence and peace of mind. You'll know that your project is in capable and trustworthy hands.


Avoiding these common mistakes and asking the right questions can make all the difference in your painting project's success. At Absolute Home Services, we're dedicated to upholding transparency, ensuring top-notch quality, and delivering exceptional customer service. With our focus on both quality and customer service, we go the extra mile to transform your vision into reality. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and immerse yourself in the distinctive experience, where your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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