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Muskoka boathouse with deck

With over 20 years of painting cottages and homes in Muskoka, Absolute has learned that Muskoka is unique in its challenges with painting. Firstly, everything needs to be painted or stained every 5-6 years, there is a lot of painting to be done. From siding to decks, it is an endless amount of work.
And cottages require a unique strategy, they are often tricky ladder placements and require specific paints and stains.
We can take on a large variety of painting projects including:

-Walls, ceilings and trim
-Refinishing staircases
-Refinishing kitchen cabinets
-Wallpaper installation and removal
-Drywall and drywall repair
-Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum Siding
-Soffits, Doors and Windows
-Deck and Fence cleaning, refinishing and staining

The 2 most important components of a paint job is thorough preparation and using great products. Here is what you can expect from an exterior paint job from Absolute:


Preparation is the most important component of an exterior paint job. We take our time to do it properly to ensure a long lasting job. This includes scraping off loose and peeling paint, sanding down old paint to smooth out edges, washing with Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) to kill mildew. We prime all bare wood to ensure proper adhesion of the finish coat.

For deck and fence refinishing, we use stripper in combination with a hard bristle brush and a power washer to remove all of the old stain. Then we sand the deck to smooth the rough areas and provide 2 full coats of Flood Oil penetrating stain.


We use caulking to seal out moisture and fill in cracks. We use wood filler to temporarily repair holds in wood. We can also replace rotten wood if needed. We use putty to repair old windows around the panes.


We always apply 2 coats of top of the line Dulux or Sherwin Williams products. Using the best paint products for exterior painting is critical to ensure a long lasting paint job.

Clean up:

We clean up paint chips, our tools and equipment daily and in full upon job completion.

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