7 Gorgeous Interior and Exterior House Painting Ideas

7 Gorgeous Interior and Exterior House Painting Ideas

There are many ways you can bring your home to life by using paint colours creatively. Whether it's an interior or exterior space, you can use striking paint colours that bring out your unique sense of style and mood. Ideally, you will want to pick a combination of colours that are chic and have plenty of chemistry.

Before you begin any painting project in your home, you should come up with a detailed plan based on the purpose, size, and location of the space. Do you have any themes in mind? Have you decided on a colour palette? Take some time to think about the different house painting ideas. You should end up with a style that matches your personal taste and preferences.

With the best house painting ideas, you can enhance any given space and lift the décor to a whole new level. Below are seven gorgeous interior and exterior house painting ideas that you may enjoy:

Idea #1: Use white paint to enhance natural lighting.

One house painting idea is to use white paint.

The colour white is a very popular choice for interior house painting ideas. It's a clean and simple colour with a minimalistic chic that can blend in with almost any home furnishings. There are many shades of white to choose from. Among the most popular white paint variations include neutral, cool and warm.

Depending on the direction a room faces, you can choose a white paint tone that enhances its natural light profile. For rooms facing north, you’ll need a warm white to cancel the cold light. If the room is facing south, cooler whites neutralize the yellowness of the brilliant sunshine. You can always revert to a neutral white when there is ample natural lighting.

Idea #2: Paint your kitchen with a warm ambiance.

Aim for a warm abiance for your house painting ideas.

For kitchen paint colour ideas, many homeowners use warm colours to stimulate appetite, including a combination of red, yellow, blue, green, gray, and white. The beauty with these tones is that each of them can create a welcoming ambiance to your kitchen.

You can play with different colours on your countertop and other kitchen fixtures such as the island. The idea is to choose any colour themes that energize the kitchen surroundings.

Idea #3: Paint your bathroom with lively colours.

Paint your bathroom with lively colours.

The bathrooms should be painted with inviting, lively colours that make spending time there a luxurious experience. For instance, blue is extremely versatile and comes in various shades that make your bathroom pop. You can apply a blue paint on the walls or cabinets, and even go for an all-blue bathroom if that suits your tastes.

Idea #4: Paint your interior doors to create contrast.

Paint your interior doors to create contrast.

Traditionally, white has been a standard feature on interior doors. To bring contrast to your interiors, choose non-white colours such as gray, which is a safe compromise from bold or dark colours. Gray is also a perfect colour for painting sliding doors.

Painting your doors in a black colour might appear too overwhelming and harsh. In most cases, steer away from true black and instead use gray undertones to take the edge off the black. Keep in mind that your door trims do not have to match the door colours. You can create a bold visual effect by painting dark trims on a white door.

Idea #5: Paint your front door in a creative way.

Paint your front door in a creative way.

The front door is the grand entry into your home. You should pick a visually impactful colour scheme that greets your guests as they arrive at your doorstep. To avoid your front door from blending in with the surroundings, choose a different colour from that of your interior walls.

You can play with different colours to come up with the front door paint. Go for bold and unique door colours such as yellow, red, pink, turquoise, and even black. This is the part of the house where you can let your imagination run free.

Idea #6: Use paint to create different visual effects.

Use paint to create different visual effects.

You can use paint to evoke diversity in your home. For instance, you could go for colours that bring out the waterfront effect by using perfect blue paint to adorn your exteriors. To create a desert oasis effect, go for shades of brown paint.

For a white farmhouse effect, you can go for an exterior paint that is soft and warm. The timeless contrast effect is another ingenious way of using paint to create a breathtaking effect.

To enhance the house’s aesthetics, contrast between the field colour and the trim tones. For instance, you can use a broad white trim with a shade of gray to highlight the contrast between the white trim and the field colour.

Idea #7: Use vibrant colours for exterior painting.

Use vibrant colours for exterior painting.

You can bring your house exterior alive by using different exterior paint colours, such as vibrant reds, cool blues, and whites. Your home's exterior is the first thing that visitors notice when they enter your compound, so you should grab their attention with vibrant colours. With the best house painting ideas, your exterior surroundings will always create an inviting atmosphere for visitors pulling up to your home.

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