How to Clean Windows in Your Home: 6 Tips & Tricks

How to Clean Windows in Your Home: 6 Tips & Tricks

When you look outside the windows in your home, you want to enjoy the beautiful view with the perfectly manicured garden and the lush green landscape. Unfortunately, it's difficult to appreciate the scenery when you notice how dirty your windows are. Even a tiny smudge on the window screen can tarnish the picturesque view in your household.

Windows will accumulate a variety of dirt, grime, and fingerprints over time. Some of it may be easy to spot and clean, while others are more stubborn and persistent. Not only do you have to clean the glass itself, but you should also clean the windowsills, the window frames, the blinds and the curtains.

To keep your windows spotlessly clean, you can hire professionals who specialize in cleaning residential windows. You may also want to learn the following tips and tricks on how to clean windows in your home:

Tip #1: Start by cleaning the window blinds.

Blinds are some of the most ignored areas of your window cleaning routine. How do you clean them? First, get some tongs and sponges. Next, get an effective cleaning solution, ideally one that involves vinegar. Dip the sponge into the cleaning solution and attach it to the tongs. You can use this apparatus to gently clean the tracks of your window blinds.

After applying the cleaning solutions on the tracks, leave them to rest between five and ten minutes. The grime will start coming off effortlessly. Your window blinds will look clean and smell fresh again.

Tip #2: Pick the best cleaning solutions.

If you want to clean the windows in your home effectively, you should pick a versatile cleaning solution. The detergent should be gentle on the glass and frames, yet still strong enough to remove the grime and all manners of dirt from your windows. Your cleaning solutions should have vinegar, which is antibacterial, non-toxic, and readily available in most households.

You can even apply a homemade cleaning solution. This involves putting a mixture of tree oil and vinegar into a spray bottle. Leave it to blend and settle for thirty minutes. Once your mixture is stable, spray the windowsill and let the solution sit for a while. This will help in eradicating the mould and dirt on your windowsills.

Tip #3: Pick suitable wiping materials.

Having the right cleaning solutions is just the beginning. You'll also need to pick something for cleaning and wiping the windows. An old rag, a towel, or a piece of cloth are all conventional materials suitable for the window cleaning task with varying degrees of success.

An unconventional choice of material is old newspapers, which are surprisingly great for cleaning windows. Crumble the newspaper into a ball and use them to wipe off the cleaning liquid from your windows. You will notice it rarely leaves streaks on your windows. However, you'll need to ensure the newspapers are made with quality materials. Otherwise, the ink might come off easily and smudge your windows.

Tip #4: Clean the windows at the right time.

When it comes to cleaning windows, timing is everything. Do not clean your windows on extremely sunny days, because the heat will cause the grass to dry too fast and end up smearing your windows. An appropriate time to give your windows would occur on a dry and cloudy day with moderate temperature.

During the winter months, many homeowners neglect to clean their windows due to the cold temperature and the snowfall. Over the months of neglect, your windows tend to accumulate layers of grime, dust, and dirt from the environmental pollution. When spring arrives, make sure you give your windows a thorough cleaning. This is a great season to restore the shine of your windows and keep them looking beautiful.

Tip #5: Clean the window frames.

Get a pair of gloves before you start cleaning the window frames. You will also need a wet cloth, a spray bottle, cleaning vinegar, and water in your supplies. First, clean the window frames by sprinkling baking soda along the edges. Make sure the baking soda reaches the grooves and all corners of the frame.

Next, pour equal amounts of water and cleaning vinegar into a spray bottle. Add a few drops of dish soap and thoroughly shake the mixture. Spray every area of the window frame you had covered previously with baking soda. Then, take a toothbrush and scrub the window frame until all the filth comes off. Lastly, sweep up the remaining dirt and finish off with one final wipe of your window frames.

Tip #6: Clean the glass thoroughly.

Once you cleaned the other parts of the window, it's time to give the glass a thorough cleaning. To avoid cleaning streaks on your window, you may want to mix a dishwasher rinse with your cleaning solutions. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and use a lint-free cloth to wipe down the windows.

A window vacuum may be necessary should you have extensive glass areas to clean. As it cleans, the vacuum sucks the dirty water off your windows. It is not as messy as using a squeegee, which leaves water dripping onto the floors as you clean the windows.

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