7 Items to Include in Your House Painting Supplies List

7 Items to Include in Your House Painting Supplies List

Are you tired of looking at the same old colours around your house? What used to be a vibrant paint colour may have faded and whittled away over time. Besides, you might be bored staring at the same coloured walls all these years. If so, it's the right time to break the monotony and partake in a new house painting project.

Before you begin, it's important that you have the right equipment in your house painting supplies list. Some tools are more essential than others when it comes to their utility. There are several crucial supplies that you should have at the start of your painting project.

Below are seven relevant items to include in your house painting supplies list:

1. Paint brushes

Paint brushes should be included in your house painting supplies list.

It might come as no surprise that paint brushes are essential items in any house painting supplies list. The two main types of paint brushes are synthetic bristle and natural bristle. A synthetic bristle brush is made of polyester and nylon, which is good for waster-based paints. A natural bristle brush is mostly made of animal hair and has a soft texture suitable for painting fine finishes.

2. Paint rollers

Paint rollers should be included in your house painting supplies list.

A good set of paint rollers should also be included in your house painting supplies list. The purpose of these paint rollers is to make painting more efficient, since they cover a larger surface area than paint brushes. Before dipping a paint roller into the paint, dampen it to reduce its absorption capacity and minimize paint wastage.

In addition, you should have a roller screen, which is a metal grate that fits vertically into a paint bucket. It is used to load paint onto a roller or get rid of the excess paint from the tool. After dipping your roller into the paint, simply run it across the screen's surface until the paint covers the roller evenly.

3. Paint buckets and cans

Paint buckets and cans should be included in your house painting supplies list.

Rather than lug a full paint container around the house, you can use the more portable buckets and cans. Pour small amounts of paint into the empty and clean buckets, then carry them to your painting spot. These buckets and cans make the paint more comfortable to handle, especially when climbing a ladder. They also minimize paint wastage, and in case something goes wrong, the spill will not be as ruinous.

4. Ladder

A ladder should be included in your house painting supplies list.

In some cases, especially when you are not tall enough, you will need to use a ladder for painting the higher parts of the walls. You can find different types of ladders in the market today, and each is designed to serve a different need. For example, straight ladders, extension ladders and stepladders are the most practical when it comes to exterior painting.

Straight ladders are designed to reach up to a height of 30 feet. These types of ladders should always be propped at an angle of 75-degrees against a stable structure. An extension ladder has a lot of similarities with a straight ladder, but it consists of two sections that can be extended to reach up to 60 feet. Stepladders are non-adjustable and usually reach up to a height of 20 feet.

5. Drop cloths

Drop cloths should be included in your house painting supplies list.

To avoid a messy landscape during painting, you should use drop cloths to protect the surrounding environment. When you are doing exterior painting, cover the shrubs, grass, plants and trees with a drop cloth. Drop cloths are recommended by professional painters, because they allow water to run through and still catch paint chips. In addition, these materials do not rip easily.

6. Caulking guns

Caulking guns should be included in your house painting supplies list.

Caulking up holes is an essential part of the pre-painting process. For this reason, you will need a caulking gun in your house painting supplies list. The tool features a cartridge or tube filled with material for sealing cracks and gaps in the home. It has only two parts: the caulk tube and the frame.

There are three types of caulking guns: the pneumatic type, the manual type and the battery-powered type. The cheapest option is the manual caulking gun, which is operated by pushing a plunger and pulling a trigger. The most expensive option is the pneumatic caulking gun, which is connected to an air compressor that makes it easier to activate and control.

7. Multi-purpose painter's tool

A multi-purpose painter's tool should be included in your house painting supplies list.

This multipurpose tool is essential for prep work, which must be done before the actual painting begins. Small and handy in size, this compact tool can easily fit into your pocket. A multipurpose painter’s tool has a hole at the centre of the blade that comes in handy when pulling nails. It also features a straight edge, which can be used to scrape loose paint and repurposed to work as a putty knife for repairs.

In addition, you can use the pointed corner to clean out debris from cracks before filling them. One side of this tool can be used to open paint cans, while the curved side can be used to squeeze the extra paint out of the rollers. The handle can be used to hammer the lid of the paint can shut.

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